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September, 2003

IHEN Web Project DVD Rental Store

Get ready for another successful year of homeschooling by supplementing your current study plans with homeschooling and educational DVDs you RENT from the people who have been Helping Hoosiers Homeschool since the turn of the century -- IHEN!

No matter what your budget is, weÕve got a rental plan thatÕs right for you. Just visit the IHEN Web Project's DVD Rental Library today!

Homeschoolers, and parents who want to supplement their child's public or private schooling will all want to try our monthly service free for 30 days, thereafter itÕs just $19.95 a month. Our Annual Plans start at $299 for even more savings. With any of our plans, you may rent as many homeschooling DVDs as your children can watch!

We've got the perfect homeschooling curricula supplements - social studies, history, math, geography, Spanish, French and many others. The IHEN Web Project's DVD Rental Store has over 12,000 titles from leading studios: National Geographic, Standard Deviants, A&E, Discovery Channel, Learning Channel, PBS, BBC, IMAX and others. You canÕt rent these DVDs anywhere else -- only at the IHEN Web Project's DVD Rental Store.

Don't know what to talk about with your children after the video? Our DVD Rental Service includes free Learning Guides!

Homeschool Learning Guides are free and available on hundreds of topics. IHEN Web Project's Learning Guides include topics, questions, suggested activities and answer keys -- so stopping and starting was never easier! Just visit http://dvdlibrary.ihen.org/ or click on the DVD Store link on the main menu of our web site.

Homeschoolers and all involved parents will love our DVD rental service! Quality educational DVDs are costly. For 62 cents a day, homeschoolers can subscribe to IHEN's DVD Rental Store for unlimited access to a multi-million dollar DVD library.

There are never any late fees and no commitments. You can cancel at anytime. Simply make your DVD rental selections on-line and in 2 to 4 days your rentals will arrive by First Class mail. Keep the DVDs as long as you like. To return them, place the DVDs in the self-addressed, prepaid envelope and drop them in the mail. IHEN pays for everything! So, join today at http://dvdlibrary.ihen.org/

After your 30-day free trial ends, your credit card will automatically be charged the regular subscription fee of $19.95 (plus tax) per month for as long as you choose to be a member. You can cancel any time before the last day of your free trial period, and your credit card will not be charged. If you elect to cancel your membership, you have 14 days to return your DVDs.

Write to WebServices@ihen.org if you have further questions.


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