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FOR GENERAL RELEASE | March 15, 2006

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The Indiana Home Educators' Network http://www.ihen.org has given away two more products this month that Help Hoosiers Homeschool.

For the whole month of February, IHEN accepted entries for a free software program called Toot! This software helps homeschoolers by creating interactive portfolios and transcripts that can be burned to a CD and distributed or archived. For more information, go to http://www.aurbach.com/Toot/index.html.

February's giveaway winners are: Carol Litz, Delaware County and Jody Barr from Marion County.

One winner was drawn at random from posts made to the IndianaHomeschoolers e-list http://www.IndianaHomeschoolers.com and one was chosen at random from entries made via IHEN's web site.

"Every once in awhile, vendors and suppliers to the homeschooling community donate books, or products for us to give away," said Ben Bennett, Project Coordinator for the Indiana Home Educators' Network and co-manager of the state's largest e-mail discussion list for homeschoolers, IndianaHomeschoolers. "We have so many great subscribers that are Helping Hoosiers Homeschool every day, it's nice to reward a few when we can. It keeps things fun too!"

The Indiana Home Educators' Network and IndianaHomeschoolers doesn't hold giveaways on a regular basis, but according to Mr. Bennett, "We're in the process of arranging for some really nice prizes to give away throughout this year. As businesses and vendors begin to realize that IHEN and our statewide e-list are reaching thousands of homeschoolers throughout the entire state, they'll want IHEN to help them reach those parents with their message."

# # #

The Indiana Home Educators' Network http://www.IHEN.org is a non-membership networking organization of parent volunteers who home educate their children in Indiana.

In 1998, homeschooler, Jane Casey established the networking and discussion e-mail list called IndianaHomeschoolers [you can subscribe at http://www.IndianaHomeschoolers.com] that now supports the largest subscriber base of homeschoolers in Indiana. [As of 3/2006, IndianaHomeschoolers had over 1,090 subscribers.] Ben Bennett began work in 2001 on the IHEN.org web site to archive and support the growing e-list.

IHEN's mission statement: http://www.ihen.org/content/missionstatement.htm .

In addition to the support provided by their discussion lists, IHEN has also published an helpful online brochure called "Get Started! You can educate your child at home in Indiana" http://gettingstarted.ihen.org/ .

Helping Hoosiers Homeschool is the motto of the Indiana Home Educators' Network.

Point your browser to IHEN.org's Media Links Page http://www.ihen.org/IHEN_Media/ for more information. Interview requests or requests to interview various homeschoolers throughout the state are handled through e-mail only. Please use the contact address above.

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