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There are many advertising formats and price ranges available to help your message reach Hoosier Homeschoolers. IHEN's number one goal is to Help Hoosiers Homeschool. It's our motto! Because your message is helps also, you will find we are more than willing to work within your advertising budget.

If it weren't for you, supporting the IHEN Web Project, we wouldn't be able to Help Hoosiers Homeschool. We truly appreciate your support and your business.

Please take a moment to explore what level of support fits your advertising plans. Then please contact us with a New Advertising Client Form so we can begin helping YOU, reach Hoosier Homeschoolers.

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Banner ads are standardized by size, measured in pixels. All IHEN web sites use banner ads in the top (prime) section of most every page of the site. Banners are rotated per page view with a maximum of six ads rotating at the same time. Two of those ads are guaranteed to be IHEN In House ads, promoting IHEN properties. This keeps the overall cost of sponsoring the entire site down, by spreading out the ad space.

Standard Banner Ad (Major site sponsor) 468x60
Advertise with IHEN

Some interior pages might display the banner at half size at the top of the main text column, and the Standard Banner Ad at the bottom of the page. No need to supply two artwork sizes. Many site viewers appreciate the more subtle advertising.

These ads are displayed at the top of some interior pages WITH Standard Banner, which is at the bottom. They are included in ad package price.

1/2 Standard Banner Ad 234x30
Advertise with IHEN

Mini Banner Ad (Support and Resource Directory pages only) 325x50
Advertise with IHEN
Our Statewide Support and Resource Directory is growing every day! With over half of Indiana counties reporting in with support group and resources information, our directory is the perfect place to DIRECTLY advertise to homeschoolers in a specific area of the state. List yourself as a resource and make sure you're noticed with a special Mini Banner Ad. One county, multi-county and entire directory rates are available.


In Progress


In Progress

TEXT ADS (and points of interest ads)

Text ads appear throughout the site, and are usually based on special theme pages. They may include a bit of text and a link or two to the advertiser. Prices are negotiated on a case by case basis. Text ads can be as simple as planned placement of various links within special sections, that point to the advertiser. Text ads usually stay on the special theme pages for as long as those pages exist.


Text Ad Sample

Headline Here!
With IHEN, every time you
CLICK HERE you get to read
about how we are Helping
Hoosiers Homeschool!
Current POI Ad Section (below) Points of Interest Ads
The Points of Interest (POI) sections appear at the bottom left corner of every content page of the IHEN web site. This is the perfect place to cost effectively show your support AND make sure that your message appears in good company with other well known homeschooling resources around the state and country. Subscription to the POI sections is yearly only and text is limited to a short headline link.
IHEN Points of Interest
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Ann's A to Z Home's Cool Site
Bookmarks for your library
Get Started! You CAN Homeschool YOUR child!
IHEN's Statewide Homeschool Support and Resource Directory
Indiana Foundation for Homeschooling (IFHS)
NHEN - The National Home Education Network

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