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These are the Indiana State Code references you'll need to know, regarding homeschooling. Visit the IDOE Student Services Page to read further.

EXCERPT FROM IDOE STUDENT SERVICES PAGE: The compulsory school attendance law requires all children to attend a school taught in the English language from either the start of the school year during which a child will turn 7 (if the child is to attend a public school), or at age 7 (if the child is to attend a nonaccredited, nonpublic school {including, but not limited to, a "home school"}).

The child must continue to attend school until he or she turns 18, earns a high school diploma, or formally "drops out" of school at age 16 or 17, according to the procedure set out at IC 20-8.1-3-17(j).

Parents who choose to home educate are required [footnote] to report their home school's enrollment to the Indiana Department of Education upon request of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (IC 20-8.1-3-24(b)). Dr. Reed requests that, if you decide to home educate, you report your enrollment via the online enrollment report form available below, or by contacting the Department of Education to request a hard copy of the form.

IDOE's Homeschool Online Enrollment Report Form

FOOTNOTE: There have been a thousand discussions regarding the meaning of the word "required" as pertains to homeschooling parents who have never placed their children in a public or private school.

Homeschools are considered private schools in the state of Indiana, and if you were to place your children in a private school, having never placed them in a state school... it stands to reason that the state school administrators will have never heard of your child and, hence, have no reason to "track" them to assure compliance with compulsory attendance laws.

The general rule of thumb (and this is BY NO MEANS LEGAL ADVICE!) is that if you are pulling your child out of a public school, then you should use the form (linked here for your convenience) above, to inform the school officials that you are transferring your child to another school (your homeschool).

If you have never placed your child in a public school, the likelihood that the superintendent of schools will be asking you for your "number" are slim. There are many homeschooling families in the state of Indiana that are more than happy to save the education department the trouble of filing paperwork. It's more money for the public schools!

Consider it a gift! :-)

Commentary by Benjamin Bennett. Not to be confused as legal advice. It's just his opinion and nothing more. Consult an attorney if you're worried, or better yet, write to Lora Miller at the IDOE for advice. You can also join the IndianaHomeschoolers Networking and Discussion List, to discuss this topic with homeschooling parents throughout the state.


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