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Many families want to meet other homeschoolers that live nearby. The county contact is the person who opens the front door and welcomes families to homeschooling in their county. They are knowledgeable about support groups and other local resources for homeschoolers. This is IHEN's way of reaching out personally to every homeschooler.

While we don't have a County Contact in every county, we're working on it. With over 90 counties throughout Indiana, this is going to take awhile. We are linking our current County Contacts to their respective County pages in IHEN's Statewide Support and Resource Directory.

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If you are interested in possibly becoming an IHEN County Contact, so YOU can Help Hoosiers Homeschool in your area, just write to Carol Pozos, our County Contact Program Director. She'll let you know what it takes. And we're sure you'll be surprised at how easy it is to help others homeschool. :-)

E-mail the IHEN County Contacts
(Remember to write your county in the subject line.)

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