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The IndianaHomeschoolers Discussion List

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The IndianaHomeschoolers list is the oldest running e-mail discussion list or loop (e-list) for homeschoolers, in the state of Indiana. The purpose of the list is to provide a convenient means of networking and passing on of information. A month doesn't go by when we aren't asked about homeschooling groups nearby, or what kind of curricula works best, or, "What do I do first if I have decided I want to homeschool my children?"

All these questions and more are usually answered on the IndianaHomeschoolers List. IHEN is pleased to be able to provide this forum for networking and discussion. If you would like to join, please go to http://www.IndianaHomeschoolers.com. > resources > lists and documents index > the indianahomeschoolers listThis Page Updated: 07-07-07


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Updated: 07-07-07

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