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IHEN Wednesday Brunch CHAT LOG 030806 11:16am

[This is a raw copy chat log from the IHEN Wednesday Brunch Chat with
IndianaHomeschoolers list manager, Debbie Harbeson. Copyright (c)2003,
Indiana Home Educators' Network, All Rights Reserved.This is an
unedited document.]

[Debbie Harbeson] NOTE: If you are talking and want to continue with
your thoughts.....

[Denise R] Hi Ben

[Debbie Harbeson] put an elipsis in your line....

[Ang] mornin' Ben

[Debbie Harbeson] like this...

[Wendy] hi ben!

[Debbie Harbeson] ok?

[Debbie Harbeson] Hey Robin

[snbratpack200] ok but i was done

[Ben Bennett] [G] I was waiting for Deb to finish her thought...

[snbratpack200] how would you teach a child like this

[Ben Bennett] Hello everyone!

[snbratpack200] oh

[Don] Hi, Ben

[Denise R] Ben....that was an EG....tell the truth

[Debbie Harbeson] You said she was three?

[snbratpack200] yes

[Debbie Harbeson] If so I certainly wouldn't be thinking of doing any
formal "teaching" at all

[Debbie Harbeson] Just play with her, take her to interesting places,
bake cookies, etc.

[Denise R] me neither....3 is a little young yet to stay on task

[snbratpack200] i want to be able to teach her shapes and colors I
kow she knows the basic colors but wont say the right one she giggles
when we do this so i know she knows

[Wed Aug 06 16:07:18 GMT 2003] Gary: Ball State Home School Liaison

[Denise R] Hi Gary

[Ang] mornin' Gary :)

[Debbie Harbeson] She knows you are "testing" her

[Gary] Hello everyone. I'm sorry I'm late. What have I missed?

[Denise R] not much yet Gary

[snbratpack200] so how should you teach her I want her to be able to
know her shapes by 4

[Debbie Harbeson] Why do you want her to know her shapes by 4?

[Debbie Harbeson] She will learn her shapes, I've never heard of
anyone not learning their shapes

[Debbie Harbeson] It can happen very naturally

[Denise R] one thing I learned right up front was that a rigid
learning schedule is setting you up for trouble

[snbratpack200] I want her to know the basics is all

[Ang] Gary, was that Marian College that had the transcript sample?

[Debbie Harbeson] I know it's hard to get this right now.....

[snbratpack200] really

[Debbie Harbeson] but the basics will come....

[Debbie Harbeson] that's why they are called the basics

[Denise R] good point Debbie

[Debbie Harbeson] Shapes can easily be learned just by playing

[Gary] Yes. I think it is a very helpful example. However, it is
probably more detailes than necessary.

[snbratpack200] She was just such an enthusiastic learner for her
alphabet and numbers and colors to a point then she just seemed to
want nothing to do with any of it

[Denise R] I think they learn better during play at that age

[Ang] okay...thanks...I forgot to jot the name down last time

[Debbie Harbeson] She probably has more important things to learn and
do right now

[Debbie Harbeson] Is she a curious child?

[snbratpack200] i feel like im not teaching her anything though

[snbratpack200] yes

[Ben Bennett] That's a common feeling

[Debbie Harbeson] I knew you would say that.....

[Debbie Harbeson] because all kids that age are curious....

[Debbie Harbeson] they haven't had the system knock that out of

[snbratpack200] about bugs and flowers and stuff like that

[Debbie Harbeson] curiosity of the world is what's needed, you just
follow that curiosity

[Debbie Harbeson] sounds like a nice little bug hunt is in order :)

[Debbie Harbeson] you might have to go outside, but we could always
find plenty....

[Denise R] at such a young age I think unschooling is a lot easier

[Debbie Harbeson] inside since I don't particularly like to clean :)

[Gary] Some bugs and insects have various shapes in their markings
you could emphasize.

[Debbie Harbeson] good point gary

[Ben Bennett] May I interrupt to post a short "conversation" that
might happen regarding flowers that will be a teaching moment?

[Denise R] lol...I am NOT getting so close to a spider to see his

[snbratpack200] my point i hate bugs

[Debbie Harbeson] hey, you never know what you will do to help your
kids learn something Denise

[Ang] we have a wonderful collection of spider webs glued to
cardboard...that was fun

[Denise R] Husband...YOU may do the "bug lessons"

[Debbie Harbeson] how could you hate a cute little ladybug?

[Wendy] what about a shape sorter toy or game?

[snbratpack200] havent seen anytoys

[Ang] tupperware was that old standby

[Debbie Harbeson] how about a cardboard box....

[Debbie Harbeson] oh look this is a square box...

[Wendy] i was just going to say that ang!

[Ang] sort the groceries into shapes when you get home

[Debbie Harbeson] now you are inside a cube!

[Denise R] The shape soters are in almost all department stores...and
Tupperware has a good one as well

[Ang] sorry...gmta, Wendy :)

[Wendy] :)

[Wendy] what is she interested in now?

[Denise R] oops...SORTERS

[Don] LOL....ooint taken on the "bug lessons", Hon

[Debbie Harbeson] You want a square piece of this brownie? Or how
about this rectangle piece?

[Don] Point

[Ang] cut her sandwiches into different shapes

[snbratpack200] other than mostly flowers and bugs and her rats

[Ang] aw...rats are so cute

[snbratpack200] i let her watch blues clues and dora those help a bit
i try and get her envolved in them

[Debbie Harbeson] Just remember, there is no magic deadline for
making sure she know her shapes

[Ben Bennett] If you have to "get them involved" in something, they
are less likely to learn from it.

[Wendy] i would concentrate on those things that she's interested in
- lots of books about all of those at the library

[Denise R] I agree Ben

[Ben Bennett] Notice that all these examples explicitly involve
SPEAKING WITH AND TO your child...

[Ben Bennett] That is the way we learn ... communication.

[Denise R] The main thing is to be intune with your child and take
the cues from them.

[snbratpack200] thats another thing she doesnt like to sit for book
time anymore

[Ben Bennett] The more we talk with each other, the more we learn. We
then can learn more deeply by READING.

[Debbie Harbeson] that's ok, my son didn't at that age either

[Debbie Harbeson] just keep suggesting the idea and read yourself too

[Wendy] neither did mine - and my 2 yo won't sit still now

[Ben Bennett] And there's nothing wrong with sitting on your own, and
reading a good Dr. Susses book by yourself. [G]

[Debbie Harbeson] three is very young, there's a lot to learn, see
and do that is new

[snbratpack200] she use to be read to before bed (nap and night ) and
during a time in the evening with dad but she doesnt sit still for
this anymore

[snbratpack200] she litterally runs out of the room

[Denise R] Two year olds are SUPPOSED to set still for more than 15

[Ang] LOL

[Debbie Harbeson] she has more important things to do right now

[Wendy] he will for Harry Potter movies :)

[Wendy] but not for books. :(

[Ben Bennett] She will eventually see how important books are, when
her parents model for her their importance.

[snbratpack200] we do

[Denise R] I am still raising children # 6 and 7....and I don't
recall them...or 1-5 that set still for long at all.

[Ben Bennett] The kids know we read something every night at bed time.

[snbratpack200] her dad is a writer and we made our 3 bed room into a
library type room

[Ben Bennett] Theyll eventually know that reading is important to us.

[Ben Bennett] They also know that reading and writing (e-mail --
lists) is important because I make time to do those things.

[Debbie Harbeson] gosh, if dad is a writer, don't worry about
reading, it will happen

[Denise R] ^5 Debbie

[Ben Bennett] it will happen if dad catches on to a "learning moment"
and lets the child (no matter what the age)...

[Ben Bennett] help him out with writing something or reading

[snbratpack200] author Tim Miller is my husband if anyone has met him

[Ben Bennett] even if not "age appropriate".

[Debbie Harbeson] no, what does he write?

[snbratpack200] mysteries hiswebsite is timmiller.biz

[Debbie Harbeson] that's cool

[Gary] So long everyone. I have to run. I'll try to drop in again
next week.

[snbratpack200] yep he has 2books published and working on the third
one being printed

[Debbie Harbeson] see ya gary

[Denise R] Bye Gary

[Wendy] does your daughter have blocks? you can try helping her sort

[Ang] okay...thanks for stopping by Gary...enjoy your lunch :)

[Debbie Harbeson] who is his publisher?

[snbratpack200] and has another he is editing

[Wed Aug 06 16:25:47 GMT 2003] Mrs Smith: Vanderburgh Cty.

[Debbie Harbeson] Hello Mrs. Smith

[Ang] mornin' Mrs. Smith

[Denise R] Hi Mrs. Smith

[Don] Hello, Mrs. Smith

[Debbie Harbeson] Did you bring some pie for us? :)

[Denise R] lol Debbie

[snbratpack200] well he has dolphin press but htey are going out of
business and i forget his first one

[Wendy] hi mrs smith

[snbratpack200] well thanks for all the infoi have to get ready to go
shopping with the tips i made last night

[Mrs Smith] Hello

[Ben Bennett] Welcome to the IHEN Chat Room! Deb Harbeson is on the
TARGET this week...

[Mrs Smith] I have had a HARD time getting the system to down load--:(

[Debbie Harbeson] come back again snbrat

[Ben Bennett] she is the moderator/manager for the
IndianaHomeschoolers list.

[Ang] I thought she was Batman

[Debbie Harbeson] sometimes it does take a while Mrs. Smith

[Denise R] lol Ang

[snbratpack200] i am on a list she has but thanks

[Mrs Smith] i c

[Denise R] (wondering if Ben has his Robin Tights on)

[Wendy] lol

[Ben Bennett] Haven't changed out of my PJ's yet. ;-)

[Mrs Smith] I will start the hsing next week, I have not gotten any
school materials yet, am I moving too fast?

[Debbie Harbeson] He better if he knows what's good for him.

[Ang] if he does, I'm sure they're polyester

[Denise R] omg Ben....in your PJ's STILL?

[Debbie Harbeson] No, you can't move too fast when getting your kids
out of the schools imo :)

[Ben Bennett] Oh... uh.... tights are UNDER the PJ's ... yeah...
that's it.

[Ang] how old are your children, Mrs. Smith?

[Don] Wifey, you are SO not right!

[Debbie Harbeson] It's ok if you don't have materials....

[Denise R] TY Husband...that's why you love me

[Debbie Harbeson] just relax and research ideas and go to the library
and get the kids a couple of books

[Wendy] hey ben - nothing wrong with still being in PJs is there?

[Don] That's how Denise & I started out before SOS and AO

[Ben Bennett] nope... I'm actually homeschooling while chatting

[Ben Bennett] Jessica 9 is doing an art project -- Bday present for

[Mrs Smith] I have one to enter third grade, age 8 and one age 6,
would have been i first grade\

[Denise R] lol@ Ben multi-tasking

[Ben Bennett] Jeremiah 6 is doing phys ed. riding bike outside

[Wed Aug 06 16:30:49 GMT 2003] Kipper has no profile.

[Mrs Smith] sorry so slow in replying, trying to keep order in a
house full of boys. lol

[Wendy] tis the only way to get anything done!

[Ben Bennett] and jamie.... uh... is a little too quiet.

[Ang] wow Ben...chatting, hsing, AND fighting crime...my goodness!

[Debbie Harbeson] Hello Kipper

[Denise R] lol Ang

[Kipper] Hello

[Ang] mornin' Kipper

[Denise R] Hi Kipper

[Debbie Harbeson] he doesn't really fight crime, he just does all my
bidding ;)

[Don] Hi Kipper

[Ang] rofl!

[Denise R] too funny

[Debbie Harbeson] I have a brother named Skipper, Kipper :)

[Ang] and my ds is watching a Kipper video as we speak

[Kipper] Sorry, I am not a man

[Denise R] I thought that was Barbie and Skipper

[Kipper] I suppose Kipper the Dog

[Ben Bennett] Mrs. Smith ] there wouldn't be anything wrong with
taking things slow and "decompressing" with your oldest for a few

[Ang] yup...a fave here

[Debbie Harbeson] Are you a new homeschooler Kipper?

[Mrs Smith] agggggggh screening moving too fast, I need to read
faster. smiles

[Kipper] Yes, this will be my first year

[Denise R] that's right Ben

[Ben Bennett] Decompressing is taking time off from "schoolish"
things while the child gets used to NOT being told what to do every

[Mrs Smith] Bob- caught your last remark, so moving slow is not the
worst thing--hey you are talking to a type A personality here.

[Denise R] Becoming accustomed to not having the rigid schedule they
have in ps does take a while

[Debbie Harbeson] Mrs. Smith, maximize your window and it may make it
easier to read

[Ben Bennett] Type A control issues? progress report issues? SHOW ME
A FREAKIN' WORKSHEET! (paraphrased from Type A wife.)

[Debbie Harbeson] Ben, show her the budget

[Mrs Smith] okay larger window

[Ben Bennett] budget?

[Denise R] hey Ben...we Type A's are not all bad

[Mrs Smith] Bennett: I am with your wife, you are saying relax and
not have a rigid schedule--oh NO!!!!

[Mrs Smith] Thank you Denise!!!

[Ang] yes, thank you!

[Ben Bennett] I didn't say bad... I married one! It's great, b'cause
I'm probably type Z and we gel -- yin and yang most times. :-)

[Mrs Smith] okay, so, library--should not I have a focus?

[Denise R] yw Mrs. Smith [EG@Ben]

[Debbie Harbeson] Let your kids pick out books that look interesting

[Mrs Smith] when we now attend the library it feels like chaos

[Ben Bennett] Chaos can also be genius at work.

[Debbie Harbeson] then there's a lot of genius around here :)

[Mrs Smith] the 8 year old is trying to play games the three year old
is running all over the place the infant is slobbering on my arm and
the six year old is running around looking for me!!

[Ben Bennett] Schools are really good at squashing chaotic genius.

[Don] LOL

[Wendy] we went monday & thomas searched for books on dragons. i
pointed out a couple of other books that looked interesting - he got
those too

[Denise R] yes they are Ben

[Wendy] but he's really into dragons now

[Denise R] It was cause for celebration when Jack brought home a
D....at home he has a 3.66 GPA

[Ben Bennett] my kids are allowed to pick only ONE video and as many
books as they want from our library visits.

[Mrs Smith] while my internal side was thinking, libraries should be
quiet and my kids are NOT that.

[Ben Bennett] we often have more than 40 books out at a time.

[Debbie Harbeson] most children's areas of the library are not quiet

[Ben Bennett] do we read them all? No. Most are too advanced for my
6yo boy, but he loves the pictures.

[Don] I agree with my better half.....ps is great at stifling
creative expression

[Wendy] try taking a 2 yo who thinks taking books off the shelves and
running with them :)

[Denise R] Wendy...is my son over there?...LOL

[Mrs Smith] Yes, I understand about the twoyr old wendy.

[Wendy] is the most fun in the woek

[Debbie Harbeson] Wendy he's in training for the Olympics track and
field event, the one with the baton

[Mrs Smith] so, back to my first questions, I hear lots of you saying

[Wendy] i dunno - sometimes i think it is acting he's going for with
the dramatic sighs and falls

[Debbie Harbeson] yes relax, relax, relax....

[Debbie Harbeson] we've been where you are, we understand, but relax!

[Mrs Smith] hey guys what about working toward the core subjects?

[Wendy] and don't forget to have FUN!

[Denise R] lol Wendy....we have a drama king here too

[Debbie Harbeson] What about them Mrs. Smith?

[Ang] have you ever heard the term deschooling, Mrs. Smith?

[Mrs Smith] FUN!!! right now I think a sound more like a drill sgt.

[Don] And queen....part time

[Ben Bennett] the core 40 (see IHEN web site) are a good "guage" for
future planning.

[Mrs Smith] yes, I have heard the term de schooling/ un schooling etc.

[Denise R] I felt like that too when I started hs with Jack

[Ben Bennett] But to TEACH TO THE CORE 40 does just what public
schools do, and it doesn't work for them....

[Debbie Harbeson] The biggest lesson for new homeschooler is that you
do NOT have to copy what schools do

[Mrs Smith] I guess I hear you all saying start reading those
materials too?

[Mrs Smith] but most of the time the kids are chasing each other and
trying to pick on each other, if I do not get order I feel like all
they will do is play all day.

[Debbie Harbeson] Let them play....

[Mrs Smith] where is the learning in this playing and screaming??

[Denise R] how old are they Mrs. Smith?

[Debbie Harbeson] eventually, by you taking them places and such ,
interests will popup and you can go from there

[Ben Bennett] I tell them to go pick up sticks in the yard. Then they
do something else to avoid the work... but they're outside discovering

[Don] Playing IS a learning activity

[Debbie Harbeson] right on Don!!!

[Debbie Harbeson] Don's the man

[Mrs Smith] 8 and 6 plus I have a 3 yr and three month

[Denise R] Husband...you're so smart

[Ben Bennett] Playing: cooperative socialization, rule follwing if
they're playing games, counting and observiation skills -- hide and

[Denise R] relax and enjoy the fun with them Mrs. Smith...they will

[Ben Bennett] it goes on.

[Debbie Harbeson] you are just in a tough time right now with an
infant, it will get better

[Mrs Smith] Deb: the infant is the easy one actually

[Ben Bennett] Hey! I have a 9, 6, 4 and 3mo! We're really close in

[Ang] Have you read "How Children Learn" by John Holt?

[Mrs Smith] Ben: yes

[Debbie Harbeson] John Holt is an excellent author

[Mrs Smith] Ang: read it a little, had not made the mental shift yet,
sound like a good book at the library, huh!

[Debbie Harbeson] It was because of his books that I decided to

[Mrs Smith] okay, will try to read it again.

[Ang] it is excellent

[Mrs Smith] ahhhhhh

[Ben Bennett] My older was reading a story to the 6yo boy this
morning. If I had PLANNED that for school, it would NEVER have

[Ang] I also enjoyed "The Unschooling Handbook" by Mary Griffith

[Mrs Smith] are any of you down south--evansville?

[Debbie Harbeson] I'm near Louisville Mrs. S

[Ang] I am just a hop skip & jump from Evansville over here in

[Ben Bennett] That is just a small point of why "forcing" schoolish
behavior, will never work as well as relaxing and watching it

[Ben Bennett] happen ... and also "gently guiding" when the children
ask questions.

[Mrs Smith] ahhhhhhh

[Mrs Smith] well my 6 yr old ask the greatest questions

[Mrs Smith] what have you all done with the game boys, etc??

[Ben Bennett] trashed them.

[Ang] chuckle chuckle

[Wendy] when thomas isn't trying to torture his little brother, he's
been trying to teach him words to read :) it's great that he does it
on his own

[Ben Bennett] actually... never bought them. 

[Debbie Harbeson] Admitted defeat when My kids beat me at the games :)

[Mrs Smith] nitendo has become my greatest enemy!!!

[Mrs Smith] gameboy is a close second and the games on the cell phone
are a close third. smiles

[Debbie Harbeson] you're in control mrs. smith

[Ben Bennett] taught the kids to play chess and enjoy it before the
video waves entered their brains and made them forget the "real."

[Wendy] set them up to earn time on the nintendo by doing chores

[Ang] our xbox is hooked up to a device that requires tokens ds earns
during the week

[Wendy] i want one of those!!!

[Mrs Smith] I like the ideas

[Ben Bennett] ROFL!!!! Ang! Are you SERIOUS!! What a great idea!

[Ang] yes...dead serious

[Mrs Smith] remind me next week when I am wanting to let them play
for my quiet time. :)

[Wendy] where can we get one of those?

[Ang] I can't remember where we got it...some place that sells all
sorts of items to keep kids off games & TV

[Ben Bennett] I want an article about that for the IHEN Journal next

[Wed Aug 06 16:50:49 GMT 2003] Denise Ryan has no profile.

[Don] Ang, where did you find the gizmo for the xbox?

[Denise Ryan] that was strange....I couldn't get my posts to go

[Ang] I'll have to look up the info...I'll post it on the list when I
find it

[Denise Ryan] then they wouldn't let me back in under the same name

[Don] Thanks, Ang

[Mrs Smith] hey us type a personalities can create a behavior chats
just like the gixmo. :)

[Ang] not a problem :)

[Wendy] yes, thanks!

[Debbie Harbeson] that happened to me before the chat started denise

[Ang] me too...that's why I was late

[Mrs Smith] those of you who are southward are any of you a part of
the swihne yahoo group?

[Ang] not me...I'm not exactly swihe material...hehehehe

[Denise Ryan] lol Ang

[Debbie Harbeson] there's a yahoo group for pigs? Kidding!!!

[Mrs Smith] what does that mean Ang?

[Ben Bennett] I'm beginning to get a directory of regional discussion
lists together for the IHEN.org web site.

[Denise Ryan] OMG....too funny

[Mrs Smith] ang: ????

[Ang] um...er...

[Ben Bennett] It does kind of read quickly like swine. That's
unfortunate. [Ang] I'm not exactly a religious person

[Ben Bennett] But I don't think they require you to be "religious" to
join that list, do they?

[Ang] well, no...not really

[Mrs Smith] okay gotcha about the religious portion--I see

[Ang] yes...it's been difficult to find a group down here that we fit

[Ben Bennett] Hey Deb... has anyone grilled you about being the
IndianaHomeschoolers list moderator yet?

[Mrs Smith] okay after they kids read, do you ask them questions
about what they read?

[Denise Ryan] lol...husband just told the 15 yo ds that he needs to
do an urban horticulture class

[Debbie Harbeson] no, no grilling at all

[Ben Bennett] I ANSWER questions, rather than ask them.

[Debbie Harbeson] Mrs. S., you just talk about what they read, just
have a conversation

[Debbie Harbeson] it doesn't have to be a formal "teaching"
experience, you don't have to copy the schools

[Denise Ryan] We find learning in everything we do

[Ben Bennett] Usually they have more questions (at this point mostly
about what that or this word means) than I can ask

[Mrs Smith] that does feel strange.

[Debbie Harbeson] I know it does feel strange, to think that its
really not all that hard at all....

[Debbie Harbeson] kids interested in things will learn

[Denise Ryan] it does take a while to get out of "ps mode"

[Mrs Smith] well I am really stuck cuz my kids have always
beeninprivate schools, so being anal is all I know. smiles

[Debbie Harbeson] it's easy for me to talk like this because I'm
"done", but I had the same worries

[Denise Ryan] We all start there Mrs. Smith when our children have
been schooled outside of the home

[Debbie Harbeson] private schools, using same old traditional methods
aren't much better than ps IMO

[Denise Ryan] I agree Debbie

[Mrs Smith] IMO??

[Debbie Harbeson] in my opinion

[Ang] and technically, your kids are still in private school...hehehe

[Mrs Smith] ahhhhhhhm thanks

[Denise Ryan] That's right to an extent Ang

[Ben Bennett] Yes! Homeschools in Indiana are PRIVATE SCHOOLS. This
is very important.

[Mrs Smith] okay we are word smithing--but I see the point

[Denise Ryan] Mrs. Smith...we had to step back from the ps mode and
take a deep breath...then go with what felt right for our son

[Ben Bennett] work smithing? No... legally, homeschools are
considered on the same level of private, unaccredited schools.

[Denise Ryan] It does take a little time to figure out your child's
learning style.

[Ang] I know some families who take a whole year off after removing
their kids from school

[Mrs Smith] yes, I have not learned their styles yet, but that's a
nother conversation.

[Ben Bennett] Heck! It takes a little time to find out who your child
is, after being molded by the public schools for so long. The longer,
the longer the time to "find them."

[Wendy] that was wierd... my screen just wiped itself clean

[Denise Ryan] Tune into each child's activities and you will see
their style.

[Ang] wow...I wish my floors would do that ;)

[Wendy] me too!

[Debbie Harbeson] LOL ang

[Denise Ryan] lol Ang

[Denise Ryan] I was just thinking the same thing!

[Mrs Smith] denise say more.....

[Ang] that's the 1 part of hsing that bugs me the most...

[Ang] I'm so used to having every little thing in its place...

[Ang] but now my house is out of control

[Mrs Smith] well I see the time has come to end, should I email you

[Denise Ryan] you may

[Debbie Harbeson] Anyone who wants to stay and chat is perfectly

[Denise Ryan] GMLady46224@sbcglobal.net

[Ben Bennett] It would be good to continue this discussion on the
IndianaHomeschoolers list!

[Ben Bennett] There are so many people who would benifit.

[Denise Ryan] Yes there are Ben

[Debbie Harbeson] my screeen just went blank too, anyone saving this

[Denise Ryan] I wish someone had told me it was ok.

[Ben Bennett] Yes. just copied a copy... uh... copy.... yes.

[Ang] I am...but I was late so I missed some

[Debbie Harbeson] Well, I

[Ben Bennett] I'll put an UNEDITED (yuck) copy on the web site soon.
You'll be able to find it by going to http://www.ihen.org/chat

[Debbie Harbeson] oops well I'm signing off now, see ya

[Ang] have a good one, Debbie :)

[Denise Ryan] Bye Debbie

[Wendy] i gotta go too - later all!

[Denise Ryan] Bye Wendy

[Ang] I cleaned up last week's version before sending out to those
who wanted it

[Mrs Smith] bye, thanks to you all

[Don] ByeDebbie & Wendy

[Mrs Smith] edited version to me also, please

[Ang] from this week or last week, Mrs. Smith?

[Ben Bennett] Ang, send it to me and I'll archive it on the site with
this one.

[Ang] will do, Ben

[Mrs Smith] today's

[Ben Bennett] I'll put it on the web site Mrs. Smith, and announce it
on IndianaHomeschoolers so people can find it. K?

[Mrs Smith] thanks you Bennett

[Denise Ryan] That would be great Ben...since I would normally be at
work right now

[Ben Bennett] Just to remind everyone... I will be the TARGET person
next week.

[Denise Ryan] WOO HOO....getting my darts ready Ben

[Ben Bennett] I would love to talk about homeschooling, but would
prefer to talk about IHEN, the web project, and how we'll keep it

[Mrs Smith] what does that mean to be the target person.

[Ben Bennett] Guena pig, interviewee.... the person who gets the

[Denise Ryan] That's the one we throw dats at Mrs. Smith

[Ben Bennett] We're making the Wed. Brunch Chat a regular thing.

[Denise Ryan] DARTS

[Mrs Smith] ahhhhh, I will learn more later, kids are now throwing
ice into the basement, better retrieve the ice smiles

[Don] Bye Mrs. Smith

[Ben Bennett] I'll call this chat done and save it for the archives.
Thanks everyone!

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