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Your support needed to make strong stand for homeschooling

Please join many homeschoolers and their allies who are publicly taking a stand for homeschooling. Why is this necessary? Because homeschooling freedoms are being threatened by the increase in both corporately-owned cyber charter schools and the creation of school district-sponsored programs directed at homeschoolers. Both are designed to bring homeschoolers under the control of public schools.

Most homeschoolers understand the difference between enrollment in taxpayer funded schools and homeschooling, which requires neither enrollment nor taxpayer funding. With the We Stand for Homeschooling (WSFH) Statement and Resolution, homeschoolers and their allies can stand together to clearly identify these important distinctions.

The WSFH Statement and Resolution distinguishes between homeschoolers and those who would make a profit from publicly funded, home-based education. Citing a variety of media reports, the Statement clearly shows why it is important to take this stand for homeschooling.

No one can or should claim to define homeschooling, and the authors of WSFH were careful not to do so. However, it is not difficult to identify what homeschooling is not. Because cyber charter schools work hard to be so visible and so public, they could easily become the standard of identity that the general public and legislators expect when they think of homeschooling. "Blending" homeschooling with public schools risks the same outcome.

The WSFH Statement and Resolution was authored by an ad hoc committee. Joining the committee are many original signers from diverse political, philosophical, religious, and activist perspectives. All are standing together to preserve homeschooling and the opportunity for the many families who want to choose homeschooling, free from the government regulation and other requirements that come with taxpayer funding. You are encouraged to visit http://www.westandforhomeschooling.org to view the WSFH Statement and Resolution and to add your name to those standing for homeschooling.

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The Indiana Home Educators' Network
(www.IHEN.org) is a non-membership networking organization made up of parent volunteers who homeschool their children in Indiana. IHEN has established a networking and discussion e-mail list called IndianaHomeschoolers that supports the largest subscriber base of homeschoolers and others interested in homeschooling in Indiana. In addition to the support provided by their discussion lists, IHEN has also published an helpful online brochure called "Home Education in Indiana." Helping Hoosiers Homeschool is the motto of the Indiana Home Educators' Network.

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