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by advertising staff

There are at least three things to think about before you invest your advertising dollars with the Indiana Home Educators' Network and IndianaHomeschoolers:

  1. Why am I doing this? In other words: What are my long term goals?
  2. Am I spending money to simply associate my enterprise with a market that doesn't know me yet, or do I want to get direct results as soon as possible? (ie: Do I want to create good will over time or do I want "X" number of sales calls per $100 spent?)
  3. And finally, are you prepared to consider creating an advertising campaign that is uncommon in order to reach this uncommon market?

When you know the answers to these questions, you're ready to start advertising with the Indiana Home Educators' Network.

Please fill out a New Advertising Client Form. You can begin reaching Hoosier Homeschoolers with your message as soon as possible.

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