Last Updated: December 26, 2008

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Sitewide Additions

It's time to do something: Return Joshua! You may have heard about it on the IndianaHomeschoolers e-list. Young Joshua Smith of Texas, held hostage by the North Carolona CPS. Read more at the link below.


Naming Names: New article by BbBennett about how we should start naming the names of those in power who seem to have forgotten whom they work for. [0812]


Amazon Kindle E-reader can be purchased through IHEN and Check out this amazing new way to read books!

Buying your Kindle through IHEN Helps Hoosiers Homeschool by supporting our network and web sites.


New Affiliates on the IHEN Online Shopping Page! Check out the shops and homeschooling resources available to you via our IHEN Shops! Frequenting this businesses Helps Hoosiers Homeschool by supporting IHEN, keeping us on the Internet. Thanks in advance!

Check Out the IHEN Shopping Mall
Bits and Pieces
Hearth Song
Highlights Magazine
Kaplan Testing Services
Magic Cabin
Mind Sprinting Curricula
Personal Creations
Vermont Teddy Bears

Shopping with IHEN Helps Hoosiers Homeschool by helping to fund the network and keeping our services free for everyone. Please consider shopping through next time you purchase anything from one of the above merchants. Thank you!


We've added a Google Search Page to the site, as well as search forms to most of the interior pages. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of any page to search



Check out a High School Transcript Sample so you can see what colleges like to see. We get requests for this from time to time on the IndianaHomeschoolers list, so here's a great sample of a High School Transcript homeschoolers can use when applying for college. This one comes from Taylor University, Fort Wayne. They love homeschoolers!


New Maps and Directions page: You can now enter your starting address, and you can get accurate directions to any location. Special locations will be highlighted regularly. It will also be a great place to suggest a location for a field trip.


The IHEN Statewide Support and Resource Directory is always being updated. The directory is available via graphic links throughout the web site, or by typing Find your county on the main page, or if your county isn't listed, consider adding support or resource information via our online submission form.


PEOPLE (Contacts)

Billie Faler is jumping on board as our Research Director to help IHEN gather together a top notch batch of facts so Hoosier Homeschoolers can load up their letters to the editor with those rare gems that some reporters just don't seem to have the time to look up themselves. :-) Write to Billie and send a citation her way!


We've added Meg Leader to our volunteer staff, as IHEN's Events Coordinator. She'll hopefully be helping IHEN coordinate events where we can meet IRL (In Real Life) and actually put some faces to all those IndianaHomeschoolers subscriber names we've been reading for years.



Coming Soon: Homeschool Research (Facts you can use!) Tired of looking for that link to that article that proved a point you're always trying to make? Yeah... same here. Well IHEN is gathering together a page of research, stats and all around good points to be made, about homeschooling. Write to our Research Staff if you have a particularly good citation you think we should add to the list.


Media Links

Read some of our current press releases, check out our "What's New" Page and go to IHEN's Mail Room to contact an IHEN Volunteer.

Read about the latest IHEN Giveaway winners walking away with a cool software program called TOOT! Two more winners pulled from the hat from IndianaHomeschoolers subscribers and from online entrants. It' slooking like almost every other month, IHEN will be giving away stuff. What's up with that?!


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