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HELP WANTED: You can help IHEN Help Hoosiers Homeschool

Positions: Volunteer | Paid | Commissioned


Volunteer Opportunities

IndianaHomeschoolers List Subscribers
IHEN was founded on the volunteers who subscribed to the IndianaHomeschoolers e-list and jumped right in and helped other parents who wanted to learn more about homeschooling. If nothing else, subscribing to IndianaHomeschoolers and sharing your advice and ideas with others will contribute mightly.

IHEN County Contacts
One of our goals – in fact it's our motto – is to Help Hoosiers Homeschool. IHEN's Statewide Support and Resource Directory lists all kinds of homeschooling resources by county. In each county, we would like to have an IHEN County Contact volunteer.

If you have been homeschooling for a few years, and have a sympathetic ear and know the 'lay of the land' in your county, write to Carol Pozos, our County Contact Program Director, and she'll fill you in on what it takes to be an IHEN County Contact.


Advisory Board Volunteers

Right now, IHEN, as an organization, can not monitarily support itself, AND a paid staff. That doesn't mean we don't have dreams. :-) The following positions are at this moment, voluntary. A great opportunity to get your foot in the door and prove yourself, build the resume, or just be a part of a fun project that can only get bigger... with the right help.

Job/Project Title: Public Relations Director
Available/Open: Now
Job/Project Description: Works with the media and other interested parties to help project an appropriate image of IHEN. Maintains media contact database. Submits one or more press releases to media per month or as needed. First to answer press questions. Knows whom to refer to whom for interviews. Coordinates a writer's group for essay or letter to editor efforts via IHEN. Participates in the creating and implementation of advertising campaigns with advertising manager.
Start Date: ASAP
Contact: Ben Bennett or Jane Casey

Job/Project Title: Membership Coordinator
Available/Open: Now
Job/Project Description: Builts, tracks, maintains all aspects of IHEN membership database. Works with PR and Advertising Directors.
Start Date: ASAP
Contact: Ben Bennett or Jane Casey

Job/Project Title: Special Projects Coordinator
Available/Open: Now
Job/Project Description: The Special Projects Coordinator should be a creative, enetgetic person who isn't afraid of putting all kinds of ideas out there. This person is part sales, part advertising, part PR, part artist and part fun. IHEN mostly promotes itself by word of mouth. We need someone who can think of things that will help create that kind of buzz.
Comments: A recent project we completed was our Bookmarks Project. We designed, printed and distributed promotional bookmarks to libraries throughout the state. We need someone who can take these projects to the next level. Promotional items like T-shirts and other items is not out of the question.
Start Date: ASAP
Contact: Ben Bennett or Jane Casey


Paid Positions

None at this time.


Commissioned Positions

Resource Directory Ad Sales
We are developing a program where organizations, businesses and others interested in reaching the homeschooling community can do so, by helping the Indiana Home Educators' Network become self supporting. Regional advertising sales positions within the IHEN Statewide Support and Resource Directory will be opening up soon. Current IHEN County Contacts will be the first in line for their county and regions. If you are interested in this position, contact Carol Pozos about becoming an IHEN County Contact.




We need your help to keep IHEN going and growing. Without Hooosier Homeschoolers, IHEN is nothing. We can't do it alone.






The Indiana Home Educators' Network has been Helping Hoosiers Homeschool since the turn of the century.™
Read our Mission Statement

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Write IHEN's Advertising Managers



Indiana Historical Society


The Indiana Code
Now in English! :-)

We took a crack at explaining the Indiana education code in words we can understand. It's not legal advice, but it's the best we can do. Read IHEN's Indiana Legal Code Document. We also added a new commentary on The Reporting Enrollment Issue. Both are available now on

Helping Hoosiers Homeschool since the turn of the century.



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