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Most homeschoolers still find it hard to believe, but the most often asked question about homeschooling is still, "Is it Legal?"

The short answer is:

Yes... it is!

CLICK HERE for commentary on the issue of reporting enrollment.

"How do I get my child's school records transferred to ME, since we are now a private school?" Good question! You simply send a letter requesting the transfer of his or her records to YOU! Here is a sample records transfer letter.

Where do you go next? What do you need to read? Who can you talk to?

IHEN of course!

Scan this page, then the whole site. We're in the process of compiling several resources that we think a parent new to homeschooling should be thinking about and reading. We'll also suggest a couple of networking resources, like our IndianaHomeschoolers Networking and Discussion List, and finding an IHEN County Contact (real live person!) near you.


The Indiana Code
Now in English! :-)

We took a crack at explaining the Indiana education code in words we can understand. It's not legal advice, but it's the best we can do. Read IHEN's Indiana Legal Code Document. We also added a new commentary on The Reporting Enrollment Issue. Both are available now on

Helping Hoosiers Homeschool since the turn of the century.




Connect With Other Homeschoolers
The IndianaHomeschoolers list is probably one of the longest running, most subscribed to e-lists in the state. There are over 700 subscribers, most are homeschoolers available to answer your questions. Networking at its finest!

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Find a County Contact
IHEN is building a directory of contact people and resources in every county. There might be someone near you, who can help you find support groups, resources and events of interest to homeschoolers in your area. READ MORE ABOUT COUNTY CONTACTS >

Go directly to the IHEN County Contact Page

See the
IHEN Support Directory
IHEN Support Resource Directory

BELIEVE IT OR NOT! The Indiana DOE has a pretty good homeschool help sheet for those just starting out.
You might want to start there, and if there are any questions, check back in with the IndianaHomeschoolers list for clarification from those who are currently homeschooling, been there and done that.

Subscribe to The IHEN Journal
The IHEN Journal is our monthly electronic newsletter. If you want to know what's going on in the Indiana homeschooling world, you'll want to subscribe. READ MORE >

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Support IHEN! Help Hoosiers Homeschool!
IHEN is a networking organization that has one mission: Helping Hoosiers Homeschool. If you want to be a part of IHEN and help us maintain this web site, among other things, please consider supporting our efforts with your generous donation.

or ... Mail Checks or Money Orders (payable to IHEN) to:
Indiana Home Educators' Network
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Learn About the Indiana Laws: IDOE Student Services Page
Most homeschoolers still find it hard to believe, but the most often asked question about homeschooling is STILL, "Is it Legal?" The short answer is yes. CLICK HERE for commentary and links to pertinent Indiana School Code regarding reporting enrollment.

IC 20-8.1-3-17(j)

IC 20-8.1-3-24(b)

For those who are interested in more solid proof, please peruse the Indiana Department of Education web site. They have gone to great lengths to inform parents about the options available to homeschoolers. Thanks Lora!

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Homeschool Enrollment Form
(You might want to read our Registration Commentary first.)

IDOE's Homeschool Indiana Support Organization Directory (incomplete)

And for the next stop? How about the IHEN Library?


IHEN's Statewide Directory

Getting Started at IHEN.org

Just starting out, or thinking about homeschooling?
Check out IHEN's New Homeschoolers pages.

Helping Hoosiers Homeschool since the turn of the century.



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Teach-At-Home: Your Homeschool Resource Center



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